Introducing Paris, Perfected – The Guides

November 9, 2021

Paris, Perfected Travel Guides

Today I am so excited to be introducing the latest extension of the Paris, Perfected brand! Meet the Paris, Perfected Guides. The guides are category-specific and are PDF downloads delivered to you immediately following purchase to help you prepare for your Paris trip.



November 8, 2021

Parisian apartment design inspiration

Having just undergone a design overhaul on my most recent apartment to turn it into a Parisian inspired apartment in Brooklyn, my designer and I thankfully had a good starting spot when we went back to the drawing board for my new one bedroom in Brooklyn. Today I am excited to unveil the design plan and inspiration for my space.

The Best Holiday Candles

November 6, 2021

The Best Holiday Candles

With the holiday season comes the opportunity to burn all my favorite holiday candles and you better believe I am turning my apartment into a Christmas-y oasis with all the best Christmas candles this year. I have tried a lot of holiday candles over the years and the following are the best of the best.